Words From RA’s Room

Dedicated to my beloved RA team.

It has been 7 months passed. I still remember, the first time I joined you. Sitting in the moderator’s room, wondered why I should be here. Still could not believe why I left my comfort zone at the other place to come and see you in this place. Would I be happy in this place with the strange people? Should I go back to the place where I belong? There were many questions came up to my head. Then, I followed you to enter the room that latest I knew as the blue room. Watched the trainers give the training and continue what they taught before I came. I felt like I was lost in translation. Being confuse when I saw the fluent English you have, your knowledge in handling members, samples query and responses. The fear came to me suddenly. How if I can’t do my job as well as yours? How if I can’t connect to all of you? And there were many more.

It didn’t take a long time. Just several hours with all of you, I knew that I’m accepted for being part of you. I knew that I’ll be fine with all this tasks. Because I knew, I could lean on you. I had you guys. That was the time when I took my deep breathes and said to myself. It’s right decision. It’s going to be fun to be here.

I was not wrong. You’re the incredible people. It was a short time actually, but so invaluable. It could not be changed by anything in this world. Laughing, fighting, insulting, and many more we did just to show that we love and care each other. I learnt fast from you. Made the RRs, compiled the response and did our big jobs, “the beloved CR”. No day without hearing my voice in singing, no day without stealing and asking food from Franky, no day without Cek Iin’s gripe, no one day without Icam adores Royan so much, no day without Sosi looses her motor bike key, no day without Okta acts like a spoil.

But, it’s still. Nothing last forever. There’s should be farewell after the meeting. It’s like a sailing. All sailings must be ended. All the ships must be ridden at the anchor. And all passengers should be apart to continue their journey. Now, it’s time for our ships to stop. And it’s time for us to choose our own life. I will miss everything from you. Hear all the funny words, the fighting of Royan and Cek Iin and many more. I can’t say it one by one. But, it’s not the real end. I’m sure the time will come again. Maybe we’re already changed at that time. Royan has been living in Rome, Sosi has been being the Project Manager at one of UN Agencies at another country (she should be Project Manager first before replace Ban Ki Moon, right?). Cek Iin has so much members for her multi level marketing business, Franky already being .. (I don’t know what to say Pariban.. maybe the biker that could compete the glory of Lance Armstrong). Okta, maybe she will be in Germany to continue her study. And me, he he he.. I’ll be at one place that I love the most guys.. I’ll tell you later..

No matter where we are, I just do hope that our friendship will not be ended here. It will  be continued until we are old. Spending time with you is valuable episode in my life journey. We’re more than a team. We’re family. You’re will always be in my mind, heart and soul. Good luck and wish all the best to all of you. Love you all. See you later in the next episode.

Sosi, Me, Okta, Cek Iin, Pariban, Royan
Sosi, Me, Okta, Cek Iin, Pariban, Royan

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