One Weekend in Bombo Lumene

That was one of the best weekends in Congo. After one year since my arrival, that was the first time I visited one place and spent the night in it. The invitation came on Tuesday, from my good Spanish friend, Pablo. After getting email from him, I called my boss (expected a lot he’ll give the permission to be off on Saturday) and he said yes. Bingo. I replied the email, and I’m on the list. 

Two days before going, we met in Mandarin restaurant to arrange this little trip. There are other people, Patricia and other friends working for Red Cross. Everything was under control. We’re leaving on Saturday morning and I would join Pascale’s car with her six years old son Gabriel, and Kristin.

The weather on Saturday was very good. On 9.00 in the morning, we left Gombe to Limete, the place where we were agreed to meet. When we’re arrived, some people were already there. We didn’t know who they are until one girl came to us and introduce herself as Katy. She works for IRC and the others are her colleagues from work. Not long after, Pablo came with Saul and Ben, continued with Patricia and the Red Cross. Wow, it looked like we’re going to be in a big group. Here we are. Leaving Kinshasa to Bombo Lumene.


The scenary to Bombo Lumene

Reaching Bombo Lumene needs two and half hours by driving. Along the way, I could see the other side of Congo which was totally different from Kinshasa. I could feel the rural atmosphere once we passed Ndjli airport and entered the other province. The old men pushed the old cart, the women brought some waters on their head, children were playing, the young African man were walking and many more. It was so interesting to be passed. It was the time to play with Canoy, my camera.

Bombo Lumene is  located 130 km from Kinshasa, in another province, called Badundu. The condition of road is very good. We have no difficulty when reached it. This park was built in 1958 by an agricultural from Belgium. It is equipped by guest house with two bed rooms and some gazebos for doing barbeques. The park itself covered dominantly by savanna grasslands that we could see once we passed the main road to enter the park area.


Bombo Lumene 

We reached the place at one o’clock in the afternoon. Once we’re arrived some tents had been set up for all of us since there is only one guest house with two bedrooms inside. It was not possible to accommodate 17 adult people. After having the light lunch, we went to the river for swimming. From guest house to river, we had to pass a narrow street with some grasses, bushes and trees along the street. When passing this street, I must walk slowly and watch my step carefully since it was a little bit steep. From the guest house to river, it took around 15 minutes by walking.

On the way to river

The river area is completed by two gazebos (so far I knew). For crossing the river, there was vine bridge made by root. It was a little bit challenging when passing since the bridge will shake badly anytime I moved my steps. Not far from this place, around 5 minutes walking there was a strong rapid. So, if you want to swim in the river, just be careful.

The shaking vine bridge

Lumene River and Its people (us :-)…)

Be careful with the rapid

The guest house was not completed by electricity. So, during the night, we just used the emergency lamp for lighting. Fortunately, the weather was so good. There was a perfect moon and million stars on the sky. For avoiding the mosquito, other insects, and to keep us warm, we made the camp fire. Even there was no perfect light. It won’t reduce the happiness and spirit. To enliven the atmosphere, one friend took the car to the near camp fire and turned on the music from the car. So, everybody could dancing and singing altogether continued by talking and laughing. I didn’t realized the time passed so fast.

The lodge and tents where we slept in

Gazebos for barbecues 

It was already 4 o’clock in the morning when I entered the tents, joined Pascale, Gabriel and Patricia for sleeping. 

It was a nice experiences.

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