I, the Boat and the Sea

I love the sea. I’m not a good swimmer, if it’s what you thought. I’m not fisherman or daughter of fisherman. I’m not oceanography that has big talent in diving or snorkeling. OK. You can say that I don’t have any specific skills for everything related to the sea.

But, I love the sea. I love listening to the sound of waves moving towards the beach. I like to see the whitecap run each other, as like as being inpatient to reach at the edges of the sea firstly. The smell of fresh fish. The breezy wind that always makes me sleepy, but brings unspeakable peace.

Torolotu Beach, Nias Island, Indonesia

Sumur Tiga Beach, We Island, Indonesia

I started to love the sea when the first time I stepped my feet in Nias island. It is a small island in the western part of Indonesia. That island made me fall in love to the sea. Wherever I went, I always saw the sea. In the afternoon, after completing all works in the office, I went to the beach and came to the stone bench which similar to Stonehenge, enjoyed the sea breeze while watching the fishermen ended the day. In the left side, there was Angin Harbour that showed the other activities in preparing a big ship leaving the island immediately. I was not always alone. Usually, Pak Graham, my supervisor also was there. Sometimes, we did the simple talks while enjoying a bottle of drink. Graham drinks a beer, and I drink coca cola. In the other time, we just sit in the silence, busy with our own mind. If the sun shone brightly and the weather was good, I and some friends would enjoy the beauty of under water while waiting the sun goes down.

Lampuuk Beach, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

We Island, Indonesia

We Island, Indonesia

Lampuuk Beach, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

 Indian Ocean, South Africa


Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Read Sea, Suez, Egypt

 Read Sea, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Batu Islands, Nias, Indonesia 

I love Boat. That’s why, if I took some pictures of the sea, boat would always be my favorite object. I see myself as the boat itself. Wandering, wading across the sea and sailing in the big ocean. The sailing was not always going smoothly. There was a time when the sea was so peaceful. Yet, at the other times, the sea can be changed so badly. Attacked anyone in front of it. The boat must survive, otherwise it would be throw down, sink and collided the rocks.



Boats in Aceh’s beach


Boats in Zanzibar 


 Boats in Thailand

Raining, storm, wind, hurricane, tornado. However, the boat is kept going. Trying to conquer the ferocious ocean. Sailing far and far away , going to the world without border.

Boats in Cermin Beach, Medan, Indonesia

At odd moments, the boat felt so tired and wanted to cast the anchor very soon. Once it found a fit place to stay in, the boat really wanted to stop its sailing. But, after staying for a while, the boat start to feel bored. The boat was not happy, attached with the anchor in the long time. It wanted to be free, again. Facing the waves and chasing off the storm. The boat was bored, and finally it decided that this harbor was not the last harbor for it.

When does the boat stop sailing? Put its anchor permanently. Attached and never spread its sail back. Nobody can answer this question. Not you and me neither.

What all I know is, by this time, the boat still wants to keep sailing. Put its sail on and let it follow the wind, heading for faraway places. Sailing through the blue sea. Enjoying the beauty given by the sea. Catching up the other boats. Until the boat felt really tired and arrived at the last port to put its anchor ever after.

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