Kids are amazing creatures. They are cute, funny, adorable and innocent. Not like adults, kids are always free to express themselves. They laugh as much as they want. And they cry anytime they want. They are so pure, without fake smiles, and without sins. Without problems in their mind. Perhaps, these are the reasons why Peter Pan doesn’t want to be adult.

Here, I would like to share some moments of the kids that I captured with my eyes and Canoy. You’re most welcome to enjoy it.




The Masai Kids, in the village of Masai Mara, Kenya

Once upon a time in KSA. This little girl is trying to sell her merchandises to some philgrims who are enjoying the sunset in the red sea.

 She’s the one of Orphan Group that are playing the traditional dance in Uganda

 Little Girl….. Where are you going??

Sarah  Monteiro. My best friend’s Kid


The Congolesse Girl. I met her in the harbour on my way to Congo – Brazaville

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