10 Things About Travelling Alone

What? Travelling? With whom? Alone? Do you loose your mind?

There are  few questions come along anytime I express my idea to explore new places by myself.

I love travelling alone. I’m not anti socializing, believe me. I love going out with people. And I can’t deny that having companion to be with would be fine when I visit a place. Having ‘partners in crime’ can be great. Furthermore, in fact, it’s difficult to find a good match. It is as difficult as to adjust the time. Actually, I still can find any persons to travel with, if I want. But at the other hand, I also don’t want to spoil my holiday with people that have different interests just because I am too scare to adventure alone.  And these are the reasons: 

1. I can go wherever I want.

Travelling with me as my own companion doesn’t need to make a deal or agreement when deciding where I’m going to go. Fortunately, my self, my brain and my heart can be cooperated each other when I pointed out my fingers to the map. I could go to the museum, and nobody comments “Awww… Museum. Ancient stuffs. It’s kind of boring, isn’t it?”

Every decision will be on me.

 2. I can stay at one place as long as I want.

Perhaps, it sounds weird. When I was visiting one place, a historical place or the natural one, I do enjoy the scenery and the sensation of the place. I could sit and gaze lake Victoria for hours. I could see and feel the stone of pyramid instead of only glimpsed at it, took some pictures and left the place immediately. Some people can’t understand it. 

3. I can stay at night as long as I can and wake up as late as I want.

No curfew time. Nobody controls me. Nobody tells me what to do. Nobody tells me to wake up with the sunrise otherwise I’ll be late. Late? I’m on my holiday. I don’t need to be worry for being late.

 4. I can act whatever I want.

I’m a stranger. Nobody knows me. No need to be ashamed for every single fool and weird things that I did. Just be myself.

 5. Being friends with other traveler.

When you’re alone, that’s human nature to find a companion to be with. I found some good companion during my travelling time. Even, some of them become friends of mine.

 6. Talking with the locals.

Having good companions makes you not be interested to mingle with others. You feel safe and comfortable in your comfort zone. When I travelled to Zanzibar, I did enjoy my time talking with the locals. Talking about how they live in, the culture, the people, the food and many more while watching the sun go down. It’s more interested than  reading it from the Lonely Planet.

7. I can play with my camera and don’t need to be worry because people are waiting.

Playing with Canoy (my beloved camera) can take me for hours. I do enjoy capturing the kind of detail of architecture building. I’m thirsty to shoot any animals, flowers and even leafs that I found. And I totally understand when people will get bored, waiting for me, while I’m sitting and doing nothing, only expecting any good moments come to be shot.

 8. I don’t need to babysit.

It won’t be nice if you have to babysit someone all the time. Remind them to lock the door anytime they leave, tell them for not letting the water run out from the water tab, and tell them for not using their cigarettes in the non smoking area.

 9. Nobody yell at me when the plane is delayed or the weather is not nice.

A friend told me, “You’ll never know how someone is until you have holiday together”

It was true. Can you imagine? You go on holiday with your good friends. A very nice young lady / gentleman becomes the most annoying person ever. Since she / he knows that he / she is closed to you, she / he thinks that she /he can act as like as she / he wants. Screaming at you when the rain is falling. C’mon, you can’t control the rain. Or yelling when the plane is delayed even tough he / she knows exactly that you have nothing to do with the airlines company. Shouting to the waitress in front of others when the food comes a little bit late. A great holiday could be a disaster one.

 10. The sensation for being alone.

Started from arranging the itinerary. Continued by hunting for the cheap airfare, checking the availability hotel rooms. All of them are ended by the deep breath and proudly said, “Yes. I did it” 

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