Welcome to Ephesus : Turkey Part 4

Ephesus was my third destination of my triple tour, Cappadocia – Pamukkale – Ephesus. It’s located in Selcuk, Izmir in the western part of Turkey. A night before, I spent the night in Kusadashi. In the morning, I was picked up by the tour guide and joining the tour, leaving Kusadashi to Selcuk.  It only took 30 minutes driving from Kusadashi to reach Selcuk.

Isa Bey Mosque was our first visit. This most is one of the oldest and most impressive works of architectural from Anatolian. It was constructed on 1374 – 1375, using marble to cover its walls. With its rectangular shape, this mosque looked different with other mosque common found in Turkey.

Isa Bey Mosque and its ruins in Selcuk

After spending 30 minutes of sightseeing, we continued the journey to Ephesus, the ancient Greek city. The location was so crowded and a lot of people came in. Our arrival in Ephesus has the same time with the cruises come to Ephesus. Our guide, Tamer, did his best to avoid this crowded but ensure that we came to all places stated in our itinerary.

Me and the ruins of Ephesus

The tour was a long distance walking. To visit all places, it needs 2 hours walking slowly. The weather was so hot, unfortunately I was not keeping my umbrella and sun glasses with me. Even tough the crowded was abundant, we still could visit the main ruins of Ephesus, such as Celsius Library, Fountain of Trajan, latrines, the statue of Nike Goddess, and the performance of Gladiator. Here with I share some pictures taken in Ephesus.

Statue of Nike, the Goddess of Victory

The latrines. It was used as public toilet of city

Temple of Hadrian

I’m in front of Trajan Fountain. It was constructed in the honour of Emperor Trajan

Celcius Library

Some pictures taken from Gladiator show

The masonry and shoe maker in the show of gladiator

After having lunch with the group, we visited house of Virgin Mary. It’s believed by Christians as the last shelter of Virgin Mary before she died. Besides praying, people also could make a wish and put them on the particular walls.

The house of Virgin Mary

Place for putting wishes

Carpet is one of the most famous arts in Turkey. On this occasion, Tamer also brought us to carpet factory where we could see the process of carpet making. Started from choosing the cotton, and made it became subtle. All the carperts are hand made with the vary of prices.  Started from 100 USD until 18000 USD (I didn’t even have courage to ask the price) for per pieces.

In the Carpet Factory

One lady is making carpet in the factory

With Yuan, in Kusadashi Bus Station heading to Istanbul

That was the end of the tour. I’m heading to Kusadashi bus station for coming back to Istanbul.

To be continued

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