Short Trip to Lake Toba

It has been two years since the last time I visited Lake Toba, the largest lake in Indonesia and probably the largest and deepest Crater Lake in the world.  I remember, I never wrote anything about lake Toba as same as never shared some pictures of it in my blog. I will do my best to remember every single details and share it with all of you.

Lake Toba located in North Sumatera Province, Indonesia. Fortunately, it’s still in the same province where I lived in. It was not in capital city. To reach there, it needs not less than 4 hours using the car from capital. Actually, when I came there on my last visit, I was not going for holiday. It was only a short visit to accompany my sister doing her job. We left Medan on 12 pm in the afternoon. It’s a little bit late, actually.

From Medan, we used public transport easily found to Pemaatang Siantar city. It needs two and half hours without traffic jam. In Pematamg Siantar bus station, we changed our transport with small minibus, reached  Parapat, the city of Samosir Distric in one hour. You can enjoy the beauty of lake Toba from here. Some hotels are available in many places. However, Samosir island is our destination, Small Island located in the middle of the lake. Reaching that place, we had to use public ferry to across the lake. There are two choices of ferry that we can use. One, it goes directly to Tomok and the other one goes directly to Tuk Tuk Siadong. We chose the second one.

Ferry that brought us to Tuk Tuk Siadong

The scenery on my way to Tuk Tuk Siadong

It took one hour to across the lake since the ferry run slowly. It was not bad since there are many beautiful scenery that could be seen along the way. Time showed 04.30 in the afternoon when we’re arrived in Tuk Tuk Siadong. Not many that we could do. After doing our check in in Carolina Hotel, we walked slowly around the island. The weather was not really good. It was cloudy and windy.

The next morning, my sister went to her project location. In the meantime, I spent these moments by walking around and taking some pictures. When you’re in Tuk Tuk Siadong, besides walking around there are many activities that can be done. Swimming and Kayaking are one of them.  When you’re swimming, be careful with the corals in the some places. If you have many times, you can rent bikes from the hotel, ridding and enjoying the beauty scenery.


In Tuk Tuk Siadong. Kayaking can be a good idea

I went to Tomok, the other side of Samosir Island where I could find some Batak Traditional House, and Si Gale – Gale. Si gale – gale is a puppet put standing in front of Batak’s House.  Si Gale – gale has famous history among Batak’s tribes. Once upon a time, there was a king has a son named Manggale. In one of the war, Manggale was dead. His death left the depth sadness for the King. Not long, The King became sick due to missing of Manggale.  To cure the king, the advisor of king advised to make a wooden puppet imitated the face of Manggale and made the ceremony after it. In that ceremony, the witch doctor called the gost of Manggale and put inside the puppet. For 7 days, the puppet danced and accompanied by Batak Traditional music.

Batak Traditional House

Si Gale – Gale, the puppet

Si Gale – Gale and I

Batak Traditional Motif

Situation in Tomok Port


Some views of Lake Toba

Some traditional souvenirs also found easily in Tomok. The clothes, Ulos (traditional scarf with Batak’s motifs), art crafts, bags, wallets and many more could be found there. The prices are varies. Don’t hesitate to bargain. But, only bargain when you really want to buy something.

You can find the souvenirs here

On the way back home

It’s too bad. I didn’t have enough time to explore more the beauty of the island. For sure, I have to come back again someday.

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