Letter to People Who Love to Make a War

Dear People who Love to Make a War,

Please allow me to give my impressions and opinion about what you’re doing in this world.

Do you know what’s the result of your war?

Nothing. Except damage happened everywhere. Dead people become common. Loosing family, relatives and friends are not the new things.

Have you ever consider Who’s the most affected people affected by your war? Not the Young Men. Not your young soldiers.

Women, children, and old people. They’re the victims. Don’t you hear the cry of women for their lost? Don’t you see the fears on the face of children. Don’t you count how many old people that should live peacefully at their house are dying?

Could you please to feel for a while, the feeling when you lost your love ones. Parents, relatives, friends, colleagues, girlfriends, fiancés, teachers, students and many more.

You should feel that. You should hear that. You should see that. You should care about it.

Please put your ego down. Please don’t make other people suffering to have your own power. Don’t let your greedy gives the sadness for others. Don’t laugh on the others’ pains.

I’m asking from the bottom of my heart. End all these rubbish things. Stop these useless actions. 

Make LOVE not WAR


My thoughts for the people in Palestine, Congo, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other conflict countries in the world.

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