Istanbul, Here We Meet Again

IMG_3857As I said, “I left my heart in Istanbul. And one day, I’ll come again to pick it up”.

I didn’t have to wait for a long time. The chance had come two months after. On my way back to Indonesia, I used Turkish Airlines, flew directly from Kinshasa and will have 18 hours for transit. For some people, it would be suck, waiting for 18 hours before continuing the long flight to Jakarta. But for me, It was AWESOME.  I could use these long times to explore and enjoy Istanbul, again.

On 5 pm in the afternoon, I’m leaving my office to the airport. As usual, Travel Unit, the special department from my organization picked me up with the bus. Beside me, there were other 6 passengers leaving Kinshasa on that afternoon. Weather was so bad. The rain came so badly and caused the worst traffic jam ever. We were stuck on the road for four hours. I thought I’m going to miss my flight. Thanks God. All flights were delayed. I don’t know the exact reason. Probably due to the bad weather or the traffic jam since all passengers went to the airport passed the same route.

After doing the hectic check in, passing the immigration gates, I could take my breath deeply and put myself on the plane. The flight took 7 hours flying and I was sleeping most of the time. I was arrived in Istanbul in the next morning. The weather was not good, it was raining as predicted before (I checked it on the forecast). Since I’ll have the long time for transit, the airlines gave me the hotel in the area of Sultanahmet. And, due to the boarding pass I had, I don’t need to have visa to enter Turkey.

It was raining. So badly. But, still, I couldn’t help myself for only staying in my hotel room. After having a great shower with the hot water, I took my jacket and umbrella, and ready to see the city again.




Some sceneries in Sultanahmet Neighbourhood



Some Old Ladies feeding the pigeons

The temperature was low, without snow. I hided inside my light jacket, tried to survive from the blow of winds and the cold weather. However, the scenery was amazing. It was the first time for me enjoying the autumn (or winter) seasons in my life. You know, I’m coming and living in tropical countries. Everywhere was like in the paintings that I saw in the movies or children book story that I read in my childhood. It was so beautiful.







Istanbul Skylines in the changing seasons

Istanbul was looked a little bit different compared when I visited it on last September. On September, the tourists were too many. You couldn’t see any other places without tourist in it. But, on this winter season (the snow has not come yet), you can see some places are empty. I totally understand why the prices are getting higher during summer and the best holiday season. In summer, you can see all the places without any worriesa of rain. The sun shined longer. In winter, beside the cold weather, the rain can come anytime. And you must be hurry since sun went down earlier. On 5 o clock on the afternoon, it was totally dark already.  I didn’t predict it before. Going out from the restaurant on 5 pm, I was surprised that I didn’t see the sun anymore. The heavy rain was falling. The other disaster, I forgot where my hotel was.  It was a perfect combination. Freezing and getting lost in the pouring rain.







Another Looks of Istanbul in the pouring rain

I tried to stop taxi and showed the driver the name card given by my hotel. After 50 meters driving, the driver said, “Madam. Problem”. He opened the door and asked me to left his taxi without paying. I was almost desperate. I would be picked up in the next two hours for my next flights. In the pouring rain, I asked everybody I met to show where my hotel is. Fortunately, after asking five or six people, I finally found my hotel.

I slept for one hour when I heard the phone rang next me. It was the reception that remind me that I must go to the airport in half an hour. I knew, I didn’t spend long time in Istanbul for this time. But still, I still enjoy every corner of the city. I’m still amazed with the kindness of the people. I’m still addicted with its Turkish delight. I’m still in Love with this city. Again, I hope that this time won’t be my last time to visit Istanbul. I still left my heart there.

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