The Beauty of Bukavu

lake kivu 5b
Lake Kivu, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

Nature is what I like the most from Bukavu. Since the moment I arrived, I didn’t share anything about the place where i’ve been living for 10 months. Bukavu is the capital of South Kivu Province, located on the eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo. Two months before my arrival, I got redeployment letter from office, stating that I will move to that city in the next two months.

It is not a big city, as Kinshasa, where I lived for three years. It has no boulevard, traffic light, or big super market as Kinshasa does. Most of road has not been asphalted, even if it does, you can find many pot holes everywhere. Motor taxies are available, offering their service to take you wherever you want. I saw, many of them also provide helmets for passengers. It’s a good awareness tough.

I am posted in Kavumu airport. It is 37 kilometers from city center. Every morning, on 7.30, I’ve been on the road when many people just wake up from their dream. It takes one hour, when traffic is not so bad to reach that place. I don’t drive since I didn’t pass my driving exam. Fortunately, I have many friends coming with me. So, I let them drive the car for me.

Bukavu, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo
Bukavu, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

Lake Kivu dominate most of the area of Bukavu. This fresh water lake, is also well known as a Great African lake, is shared by Congo and its neighbour country, Rwanda. People speak French, of course, and Swahilli as the second language. So, far, I just know some words, such as Jambo, Karibu, Muzuri, Kesyo, Haraka, Pole, and Ndiyo. I will increase number of them soon.

What I like from my daily journey from Bukavu to Kavumu is breathtaking scennary. It is so green, peace, and beautiful. Seeing all those thing, it’s hard to believe that Bukavu is one of conflict areas in DRC. Lake, hills, mountains, trees and wild flowers accompanying my journey everyday. In the morning, it can be very misty, and you can’t see anything after the lake. But when the sun starts to shine, it seems everthing come out from the hidden places.

There is one tradition for every new born baby. When the baby born and ready to be taken home, this baby will be paraded by many women. They will sing and dance for the baby. I never get bored to see them.

Bukavu 2
New baby just came

Here I would like to share some shoots taken by my camera. I wish you enjoy them.

8 thoughts on “The Beauty of Bukavu

    1. You’re welcome Indah. This city, it has many potentials to be tourist destinations. It’s beautiful, the weather is nice, and you can see gorillas with very affordable price compared to the neighbour country in its own habitat. But, too bad, the conflicts are not finished yet which prevent tourist to come easily. And the other hand, getting DRC visa is not so easy tough. Thank you for visiting..

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