50 Things To Know About Professional Photography

The Nomadic Guy

These are some of the important points that must be considered by every photographer :

1 – While shooting in, always set your setting to RAW.
2 – Use Prime lenses if you are a beginner.
3 – Learn Photo editing.
4 – Avoid Macro photography if you are not an expert
5 – UV filters can function as a lens cap.
6 – Less reading and more activity i.e. stop reading forums and start taking more pictures.
7 – Try to capture the beauty behind simple objects.
8 – Digital and films are similar.
9 – No camera can make you a better photographer but regular practise can.
10 – Good lenses don’t necessarily produce great photographs.

Photography Tips & TricksPhotography Tips & Tricks | Image Resource : kelbytv.com

11 – Don’t focus on other people, others world and try to concentrate on your skills.
12 – DSLR are not designed for…

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